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 Health is a very complex multifactorial outcome that is dependent on a number of factors. In order to gain best control of these determinants, you need to assess, monitor and adjust them in order to get optimal results. Over the recent years, emerging research is proving that there is benefit to clinical and scientific based medicine that is geared towards an individual's health conditions, genetic conditions, risk factors and environment. Exponential advancements in genomics, nutritional science and evidence based medicine have enabled us now to unlock various phenotypes to better diagnose and tailor custom therapies.

To tap into and maximize on our health potential so as to enjoy the best quality of life, we need to understand the major determining factors that impact health and how it can be addressed. These factors range from our intrinsic genetic makeup, clinical conditions, diet and nutrition, level of physical fitness to life style. While traditional care setting and medical practice offers a good option to assess, monitor and intervene when there is an underlying medical or clinical condition, other equally important contributors such as diet and nutrition, physical fitness regimen and life style are largely outside the care setting and typically not addressed in a coordinated manner. When a major segment of health contributors cannot be monitored, assessed and influenced, it means our ability to achieve maximum health potential is limited and thus our quality of life. 

Our proprietary care model and innovative setting takes this burden away from you as we include all these factors as part of our services and extend your range of control on health. In addition, we provide a cutting-edge digital platform with connected devices (Pulse Oxygen meter, Digital Weigh Scale, Blood Pressure monitor, Activity Tracker and Glucometer) and your own customized App on your mobile device to stay connected with your care providers and monitor your health vitals. 

Leverage our ability to deliver precision medicine  through more comprehensive diagnostics of biomarkers for genetic and non-genetic diseases, including a complete health panel yielding far much insights into your metabolic pathways and risk factors. Consult with our nutrition and fitness experts to model your intake and physical activity to align with your specific conditions and metabolic type.

TAKE CHARGE!  Gain a better understanding of your health factors and structure your lifestyle accordingly through our comprehensive approach.

How we extend the scope and value of medical care as compared to other health care providers.

How we extend the scope and value of medical care as compared to other health care providers.