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Our Digital Health Platform provides various tools that help patients to manage their health.

Innovative concierge medicine - digital technology for patient interactions

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One of the biggest prevailing challenges for both health providers and patients in maximizing health outcomes is patient compliance, i.e., being able to consistently follow the regimen prescribed by a health practitioner and monitor the patient progress. For instance, compliance to prescribed intake of medications or following a specific nutrition plan or pursuing a physical fitness regimen, including adopting a healthy lifestyle. For health providers, the challenge is the frequency of patient visits is semi-annual or annual in most cases except for unforeseen health events or acute conditions, which makes it very difficult to be proactive and closely engage with their patients.

To overcome this, both patients and health providers need the tools to make it easy to comply and proactively engage in sharing compliance, daily health vitals and wellness information so that there is better engagement.


We are driving healthcare innovations in provider and patient interaction through a digital platform installable on your mobile smartphone consists of a set of unique health devices (Pulse Oxygen meter, Blood Pressure monitor, Digital Weighing Scale, Glucometer and Fitness Tracker) that seamlessly collect information required from patients and transmit it the health provides so that health can be proactively monitored and controlled. This in turn empowers patients to take charge of their health by being more diligent about following their health regimen and feel accountable for their health outcomes. In addition, patients find an easy and digital way to get connected with their health providers, thus increasing compliance rates and chances for maximizing health outcomes.

This platform also provides you the ability to track your progress through longitudinal reporting that can chart key bio vitals over a period of time. All of this information can be shared to your health providers and other health advocates upon your consent.

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Reports provide useful monitoring of key health metrics over time.