How we are different


Our approach to providing you integrated functional medicine and wellness is unique. How we are different stems from how we leverage advancements in diagnostic testing including comprehensive and actionable genetic testing to individually map out your health requirements. Under the supervision of our expert team, we then analyze and recommend therapies that are more suited to you, which typically is not possible without this comprehensive study across all your clinical – nutritional – physical fitness panels. Every member will be assigned a personal health assistant to coordinate all aspects of this care.   

In today's world, our schedule's are hectic and the biggest detriment to accessing all aspects of care that impact our health is our time. Through our exclusive membership, we do our very best to work with your time schedule to make it convenient for you to reach our team of physicians and other providers. Through a tailored approach, we minimize the hassles for you by eliminating the amount of running around you need to do in terms of clinics, laboratories and providers! We even come to you at your location of choice for the registration and sample collection, including providing you the option to schedule all follow-up consultations through video-conferencing. 

Holistic care delivered to patients.

Holistic care delivered to patients.

Our extensive composite panel for evaluating and treating patients comprises of clinical, genetic, nutrition and physical fitness.

integrating your different key health markers

your health is driven by multiple factors... so is our diagnostics and analysis

Health is an outcome of one's clinical factors, nutrition and physical fitness along with inherited genetic conditions (germline) and any potential somatic (occurring in somatic tissue) mutations that occur. Thus, understanding and adopting optimal therapies requires a good understanding of your markers across all these dimensions.

As part of our services, we carefully select only the required diagnostic testing methods and consider those results. When there is a flood of diagnostic methods and direct-to-consumer testing that at most times provide information with no clinical and actionable value, one needs to be careful in what and how much testing should be conducted. Our experts will have a detailed discussion with you about your health conditions and needs and only then prescribe appropriate diagnostic testing that provide results that can be considered as part of care regimen.

By engaging with various partners for these testing methods and analysis, our team of physicians, clinical nutritionists and physical fitness experts provide collaborative care to you by integrating all these service components which typically are found as isolated or siloed making it hard for anyone to access and incorporate them as part of daily health protocols.


Our services are highly customized to your needs and we are very conscious to only recommend those tests and treatments that are required and could improve  your overall health.

value you receive

access to our premium health services provide you with...


  •  Full spectrum of Health services across Clinical, Genetic, Nutrition and Physical fitness  
  •  Your own personalized Digital kit consisting of Pulse Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Weighing Scale and others and custom App 
  • Metabolic testing and daily calorie intake analysis
  • Most advanced full genome sequencing that identifies disease and health risk conditions, including a full pharmacogenomic analysis (how various drugs interact with your body system)
  • Comprehensive health report outlining:  1) Findings that includes susceptibility and treatment options for cardiovascular diseases, inherited cancers, immune, endocrine and metabolic disorders, mitochondrial conditions & inheritance and organ health, 2) Genome sequencing results that are comprehensive and actionable, 3) Nutritional recommendations and plan, and 4) Physical Fitness regimen
  • Optional: nutritional plan delivered to one location of choice
  • Optional: tie-up with fitness center for physical regimen
  • Detailed health consultation and follow ups
  • Dedicated Personal Health Assistant

Diagnostics to help identify each patient's needs.

Diagnostics to help identify each patient's needs.