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Beacon Health Sciences was started with the philosophy that everyone’s health needs are unique, special and thus need to be treated as such. Mainstream practice of medicine has increasingly become highly impersonal and suboptimal largely driven by interests that place the least importance on an individual patient’s needs. Rather, insurance and payer regulations, provider time constraints and a non-integrated, narrow approach places limitation on the effectiveness of care for overall health and wellness, including achieving specific goals.

We endeavor to connect the dots for you across different health areas and deliver integrated care in a personalized, innovative and digital way – one that makes it easier for you to take charge of your health.

This means, putting you at the center of care by:

  • Working with your time schedule and availability making it hassle-free for you to access care without multiple visits across different provider locations and labs
  • Providing you with the digital tools and a kit that will make it easier for you to stay on course and comply with our health regimen
  • Taking the required time to understand you (family and medical history), health goals and general health conditions
  • Understanding your daily routine - diet and nutritional intake, fitness goals and lifestyle conditions
  • Adopting an extended range of targeted diagnostic testing methods, including advanced full genome testing, nutrigenomic assessments, metabolic rate testing and overall physical fitness level to map out your integrated health profile (not just clinical conditions as done in traditional clinical setting)
  • Discussing and laying out a health regimen that includes clinical/pharmacological interventions for disease conditions, preventative measures, tailored nutritional and physical fitness plan along with lifestyle modifications
  • Providing you with the digital tools that will make it easier for you to stay on course and comply with the health regimen

Come and learn for yourself a different way of care. A hassle-free way to become the best you!

a personalized and tailored approach

It is our endeavor to connect the dots for you making it easier for you to charge of your health. 

Integrative care combining advanced and comprehensive diagnostics with complete medical care

achieve results through integrative medical care

comprehensive set of services


Are you looking for professional medical advice from preventative medicine to primary care to specialist consultations? Do you want to leverage advanced diagnostics along with, physicians and specialists to provide you a full view of health – all in one place? Would you like to extend medical consultation to nutrition and physical fitness for a comprehensive health regimen? 

We provide you exactly that – a personalized set of services that is geared towards you and your needs. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, you will have the opportunity to consult with medical practitioners who take time to get to know you and your medical history. You will be recommended with a set of diagnostics services from DNA to microbiome analysis based on your choice and needs. You will have the opportunity to discuss your results with expert physicians and then tailor your nutrition and physical fitness regime accordingly. Every patient will be given individual attention and a dedicated Personal Health Manager. In addition, you will be scheduled for periodic consultation with the experts to monitor your progress and any additional needs you may have. 

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we connect the dots for you...

Advanced diagnostics with board certified medicine, nutrition and fitness - Beacon Health Sciences


Combining Genomics, Advanced Diagnostics and Evidence Based Medicine to provide you a high quality health regimen

Integrated prevention and wellness programs in concierge model - Beacon Health Sciences


Our team of expert physicians and specialists leverage advanced genetic tests, diagnostics and medicine combined with clinical nutrition and fitness

Enabling patients to take charge of health through comprehensive report and personalized medicine

Comprehensive health report

We empower YOU to make the right health decisions - our comprehensive report includes most advanced genome testing, clinical and physical evaluation reports

Future of medicine is in personalized medicine. Beacon Health Sciences adopts this model by personalizing care to each patient

value of personalized (precision) medicine

Your health needs are unique… we focus on you


The one size fits all model as practiced in traditional medicine doesn't fit the individual needs and conditions of everyone. Results are very much varied due to each individual's pharmacological reactions and the statistical distribution of results across a larger patient population. Through our extended set of diagnostics, we are able to tailor therapies for each individual in a manner that may provide the most optimal result. In conjunction with periodic follow ups, we will work with you to adjust the therapies on an ongoing basis to the progress made since the initial baseline and as your health condition changes. Through the latest medical and digital technology, we remotely collect and monitor your daily health vitals on a periodic basis and intervene in the event of any deviation from expected activity or results, which not only enhances compliance with our health protocols, but also enables our physicians and providers to stay connected with you.

Note: we personalize aspects of health care to each individual leveraging  precision medicine techniques and tailor nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle to individual needs.

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Through membership to our premier health and wellness services, you have access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic, primary care and wellness services in an integrated and hassle-free manner. 



aligning physical fitness to your biomarkers and needs


As part of a comprehensive health regimen, it is important to also consider the role of genetics in defining what, how and when we incorporate physical fitness into our schedule.  There is evidence from genetic epidemiology research that DNA sequence differences contribute to human variation in physical activity level, cardiorespiratory fitness in the untrained state, cardiovascular and metabolic response to acute exercise, and responsiveness to regular exercise. Combining transcriptomic and genomic technologies have been shown to be more powerful as evidenced by the development of a recent molecular predictor of the ability to increase VO2max with exercise training. [1] 

While physical activity improves overall state of health in individuals, the response level to any fitness regimen is determined by genetic composition of the individual. [2] As larger synthesized evidence for benefits of personalized physical fitness regime according to genetics is developing, we are leading the adoption by tailoring your physical fitness more specifically to your composite health panel, thus improving the possibilities of better outcomes. As part of our services, we combine that with your nutritional intake and any required medical interventions for general health providing an opportunity to address health improvements more comprehensively.

1. Genomics and Genetics in the Biology of Adaptation to Exercise. Bouchard, Rankinen and Timmons. 2014. National Center for Biotechnology Innovation. 

2. Genetic testing for exercise prescription and injury prevention: AIS-Athlome consortium-FIMS joint statement. Vlahovich et al. 2017. National Center for Biotechnology Innovation. 


One-stop for all prevention and wellness health needs, including weight loss and fitness.

One-stop for all prevention and wellness health needs, including weight loss and fitness.